I am a BMW type of guy. I love  just the sleak sophistitcated and sporty aesthetics of a BMW. I especially am a fan of their M series and 6 &7 series. To celebrate the 30 year release of their M1 supercar. Bmw Drops this concept to get your car enthusiat’s mouth dripping with saliva!

Originally designed by Paul Bracq and later by famed Italian design house Giugiaro, this BMW M1 Hommage takes a clearly aggressive pose, with retro features mixing it up with very modern elements. From the louvered rear window, the highly retro styled rims and . This mean machine is clearly just a concept. But im predicting to see some serious horse power coming from the gents at BMW sometime in the near future.


As a designer and mega multi tasker, I really utilize every surface area on my desk/workstation. But one of my biiggest pet peeves is the fact that I have these huge printers/ computers, and other media devices on my desktop and there is any room for me…

hanging printer 1

Called the hanging printer. This concept can reduce the hardware clutter from the typical computer desk or workstation. This concept can be really beneficial to allot of people. I would like to see more variations of this concept. One for photo printing, high resolution illustrations, and just an overall al in one concept.hanging printer 2

In an ever-so changing global economy the need to be more earth and energy saving oriented is now becoming a huge factor in the was in which we deisgners-design.

 Well this simple device  gives you up to the minute stats on your energy usage and calculates your current electric bill. Designer Delroy Dennisur decided to take his concept a step further and the front panel is laden with LEDs forming a floral pattern. The more energy you use, the more light is emitted as if the florals are growing.


 I think the opposite should happen. The florals begin to recede the more energy you use. A visual reminder to conserve. But I feel that this design innovates.

Well we all know about all sorts of modes of transportation. Like scooters, boats, cars, bike etc. Well I guess its time to cross breed a scooter with a mini boat.

 This Amphibious kick scooter can functions as a electric kick scooter on land and a propulsion aid in water. The design of this product is for two very different environment. The product is designed to maximise user experiences through a few design approaches. On land it functions as a normal electric kick scooter with 2 hub motors housed within the wheels itself. In water it acts as a propulsion aid as the propellers attached wheels pushes water out in one singular direction and thus propelling the product across water. I find it to be a new fresh contemporary concept that could cross over to many different subculutres as well.

So much for posters. Now you can simply just customize yor living space with this interesting concept by Carlos Jorges.

Combining Multimedi website flickr.com and printer technology. By simply downloading from the flickr online image community. Wallpeppr is connected to the computer via a network cable (a wireless version is on the go). 

The driver-software plugs into the flickr web-interface which holds controls for the output size of the image.A simple click on the GO button sends the image to roller where it is printed with the help of sophisticated inkjet-technology. Pretty cool!

Yes people the time has come to strap on your war boots, grab your gun and gas mask and hit the runway?… Yeah you heard me.


Dutch Designer Tim Smit has designed the“Urban Security Suit”. Now you can  kill people, and protect your body while being fashionable.


Made of stylish neoprene and strategically lined with body molded kevlar, This innovation is perfect for all you high fashion war enthusiasts.I chose this because it still looks like a really nicely designed garment.

Has the time come for the world to see a new face to recycling?…. Im just not that convinced yet.

 If your looking for a pristine recycling system heres your savior… named the “Barcode Trashcan”… The goal is to be more green right? 


So there’s one bin for each type of recyclable material. Just swipe the item in question over the top and the bin will open up.There are just so many problems with this idea, I don’t know where to start.

I mean, kudos for trying to make recycling easier [so more people do it –> better for planet], but…

Lots of recyclable things don’t have barcodes. Newspapers do, but those “adpapers” that come in the mail don’t. Suppose the labels come off of my plastic containers, how would I scan them? I can recycle envelopes from the mail, but they aren’t barcoded.

Which brings up the next issue. Different places have different rules about what can and can’t be recycled. How is that going to be controlled? Will there be localized firmware updates? Do I program it myself?

All this seems like so much more work than just, you know, looking at the item and comparing it to the list in my head of “things I can recycle”.

Oh and lastly who is going to want to clean this white bin once it gets dirty ? I know I won’t…

This sexy lil number doved “Sorgente” by Lenci Design for Teuco. Is a bath-enthusiasts-hybrid dream!While bathtub is obviously for bathing, and a hot tub is, of course for more recreational use. Am I missing something here? Well Teuco does not see too much of a difference either. This lovely young lady is highlighted by a seamless sunken profile and fitted with 8 Hydrosilence whirlpool jets.

 While still keeping in mind the therapeutic qualities of bathing. The Soregente quiet to ensure a tranquil experience. To complement the system this beauty comes with a control panel/remote control operation, underwater lighting, a magnetic headrest, and a pull-out shower with a flexible hose. It fills automatically and treats the water with its internal filtration system. Talk about luxury!!

This designer created a new breed of home tubs.

Most diabetic glucose readers are not the sharpest looking things in the closet and only have one functions. The Basic functions!!!

 Tis sleek concept can save your life and become your next best friend.Diabetics have it pretty rough. Aside from the constant life threatening condition, seriously restricted diets and painful monitoring of glucose levels in their blood, diabetics often have to suffer the indignity of carrying around some seriously ugly industrial design.

 Taking monitoring and treatment systems into his own hands, designer Sascha Morawetz has created this pair of Diabetic tools that should alleviate some of the pain and shame usually associated with this illness. The inhaler, dubbed “Ninos AS”, generates an insulin aerosol, replacing the common insulin pen. A special thread allows an exact adjustment of the insulin dose.

Incorporating a bloodless glucose measurement system, the “Ninos GL” can also be used as a diary, useful for collecting statistics for optimizing therapy. Though the Ninos GL looks remarkably like a Sony-Ericsson mobile phone, next time your date offends you by “texting” at the dinner table, he or she just might be saving a life…their own.

With the ever-so great success of the transformers movie. Designers have now taken that transforming aesthetic and applied it to new innovative products and furniture.

What may look like an ordinary box. This concept called the “Cube6” was designed byNaho Matsuno. Made from birch plywood and maple, this cube unfolds into six tiny stools.  


The really cool thing is at first  i didnt expect all of these totally different stools to come out of this design. but i like what i see and the concept of this compatibility is rather intriguing.


Down Boy! Down!

How many times have you said that to a dog humping your leg? I hate when dogs do that to me. Well I guess the time has come for mr.bojangles to find the proper humpy-thiny.


Called the “Hot Doll”, a love toy for dogs.This love doll for dogs is shaped to be grabbed easily by the dog’s paws like female hips. Hotdoll is designed in 2 sizes to be used by little dogs and by big ones! Its contrasted colors are made to be easily distinguished by dog’s eyes.

The body is made by a plastic structure covered with a 1 cm technogel skin to create a soft touch. All orange parts are made of rubber, that way the doll grips on the floor. The pink hole needs to be washed regularly for hygienic reasons.


The real cool innovative thing about this product is someone actually designed a sex toy for dogs! that rock!

I didnt know what to think when i came across this design. Someone actually designed a washing machine that works in conjunction with the toilet. Yes people Pooping Power Wash Power…

Yeah, I know it sounds pretty gross, but listen to what this concept called the WashUP actually does. The washing machine is stationed above the toilet in order to recycle the washer water into the toilet.

The concept is based on a simple premise: why use fresh water to go to the bathroom in? The WashUP puts in soapy water from the washing machine that would have otherwise have gone down the drain and puts it to good use. Now you can go in part-clean, part dirty water and send it, well, down the drain.


With the advent of tiny and extremely portable digital media players, not to mention the influx of mobile phones which can serve your audio and video needs, the moment you see this device, you’d have to ask…

…why another one? Does watching clip on your wristwatch really that much cooler than watching on a more conventional portable media player? Still, you have to admit, there are people who’d dig this device. After all, it does come with a substantial 8GB flash memory space in its compact form — not bad.


When i first “heard” of this new wave of bone technology I was sceptical about what may come of it. Well this little deivce may keep you listening in a new fashion.Outi earphones clip comfortably and securely outside the ears for the new look and feel of sound. By transmitting vibrations through the skin and cartilage, they create a dynamic new sensual, surround sound that doesn’t just let the listener watch a movie on the go, it lets them be a part of it; that doesn’t just let them listen to music, it lets them feel every beat of it; and it does it without blocking out conversation and sounds of impending danger.And because they are not inserted into the ear, they avoid damaging the listener’s hearing as past generations of earphones have. Outi earphones plug into any MP3, iPod, portable CD and DVD player, most cell phones, gaming systems, radios or any other audio/visual device with a 3.5mm jack. 

Outi kit includes: Outi amplifier with 4-step switch (off/low/medium/high)to control vibration output of portable device being used, a clip to attach amplifier to clothing or bag/backpack, USB cable to charge Outi from your laptop, AC adapter to charge Outi at home, and a storage pouch.

New mobiles with updated technologies come out every year. So why not get a phone that can offer all the perks and special bells and whistles that all you tech hungry consumers want. The concept is called Linc, and while it looks and does everything like an iPhone, that’s not what makes it cool. What makes it stand out is that device already has its life planned out for it. Basically you lease the Linc for about a year until they send you a new one with all the fancy upgrades that usually come along a year later. You then sync all of the data from your existing phone to the new one, then ship your old one away to be recycled. Their idea is that older Linc’s could be disassembled Johnny 5 style and the materials could be re-used for future versions of the phone.

I personally think this could work simply because they make it look so easy to do. I mean, they would send you the cool new phone that makes your out-dated phone look antiquated! And getting your existing info onto your new phone would be a breeze as well. One thing they would definitely need to include is a system that wipes all the info off of your phone, I know I wouldn’t want someone getting my phone numbers off my old phone. 

So normally when you see a blind person you approach them in a very caution- slow way feeling empathy for there situation. But what made you even notice that this average looking person is even blind?…. It was the fact that they had this 6 foot white and red pole guiding there pathway.  But the time has come for someone to change all of that.

A blind person’s walking stick may soon make the leap into hi-tech by integrating sensors and tactile feedback. The Smart Wand by Jin Woo Han is pretty small and ergonomically fits in one’s hand. If there is an obstacle in the way, the surface of device can actually raise small bumps to alert the person.

When I think of a personal assistant I think of a cute-sharp and witty 28 year old Woman with a great ability to multitask and keep me up to date. Well Gents’ the day may have come for you to upgrade…? This little device is both sexy, sleek, and can do it all.

 Tame is a concept device, cube like in nature, that syncs with all your other devices and applications. You store different status messages on each face of the cube and just by rotating it, activate that status. Now your phone, voicemail, Facebook, Myspace, twitter, etc. all reflect the same status message. There’s even a web application that reports the status of everyone equipped with a Tame cube. The color coded system correlates with the color you set on your Tame cube so people know your availability at a glance. 

As technology constantly improves I feel the this device give another reason why wireless technology is so sweet. Smart devices are just popping up everywhere. I thnk this device innovates because it gives you another reason to stay organized and still make social statements as well. And it’s ust kinda fly to pull a sleek black cube out of a nice Goyard Briefcase. I loove it!

When you think of airplane flights you think of small seats. close quarters, honey roasted peanuts and boring entertainment. If your in first class it’s complimentary spirits 6 inch personal monitors and theatre sized seating. Now a days airlines are out to woo their business class travelers with a host of amenities to give them the ultimate traveling experience. Comfortable seating ensures that passengers aren’t drained by the end of their journey. This Airplane Seating cocept sure looks like home sweet home in the air!

Weber Aircraft’s 7800 business class seat by TXS designers is designed keeping class, comfort and luxury in mind. Enough care is given to ensure ergonomic, aesthetic and systems integration is on right track. The seat boasts of an ultra-slim console featuring large eating and working trays, effect lighting and business class level entertainment amenities. The intuitive seat recline control panel allows passengers to relax in any comfortable position. Business class passengers seem to be the pampered lot these days and why not, they must get the comfort they pay for.

“…And the crowd goes wild” 

Sometimes menial domestic tasks can be so boring for us afflicted with short attention spans. From doing the dishes, to cleaning out the refridgerator off all that rotting take-out, these tasks are not difficult to accomplish, just boring as sin to do. It was that need to liven up these chores that inspired the “Tian Chi” Chinese Washing Machine by Carlo Casagrande & Yu Wenhou Ben for CANDY Group and BIC LaFucina.

Meticulously sculpted with a top loading trap door, this washing machine/basketball hoop, is designed for slam dunking dirty denim and perfecting your three-point shot without ever interrupting the wash cycle. I just think the real innovative thing is this design brings fun to a arbitrary chore.

This is the Michael Jordan Of Washers! Now could someone please design a way to sweep the floor while improving my golf swing? They also come in this sleek colorways as well.

I love Kohler and the appliances and sinks they design are just beautiful. This very simple design caught my attention.

The Kohler Prologue single-basin stainless steel kitchen sink with recessed wet surface creates a customized workflow station that’s perfect for food preparation.

The integrated wet surface rests above the main basin to provide a separate area for rinsing fruits and vegetables or cleaning meats and seafood. An optional storage drawer and complementary accessories – a bamboo cutting board and stainless steel colander- complete this multipurpose system. Kohler has always been a brand that innovates to me and I just enjoy there work as well.

The data projector is becoming an increasingly popular part of mobile computing as it is versatile to use it anywhere….on the road in the office, or at home. For being as powerful as it is, an array of data projectors are up in the market. But James Higgins has managed to invent the Ergo Design Data Projector that not only is aesthetic designed but also seems to the absolutely user-friendly. Its tapered form features in the center to enable easy adjustment while projection. The functions buttons of zoom and focus lie close to the lens for effortless handling. A tilt control scroll wheel winds up or down as per your need. Another control panel of buttons also exists on the other side of the lens. The handles are discreetly tucked inwards on the sides thus making it less hassle some to carry around. Absolutely uncomplicated and light weighted, this Data Projector takes the cake away from the rest. In simple words, you wouldn’t need a catalogue to understand this ingeniously designed gadget.

Forget Your Nintendo Ds or Your PSP. This concept may seem like its going back in time form the normal portable gaming systems. But the concept rivals and portable gaming device out now.

At first glance I just see a thick laptop. But as i did a lil deeper I a little light starts to shine on me. I guess when you are a PS3 addict and mod-specialist like Ben Heck who was sick of being fired form every job he ever landed because most mornings he couldn’t find it in him to tear himself away from his fav PS titles and go earn his daily bread. So he decided it was a worthwhile idea to make something that will enable him to enjoy all his fav Playstation titles on the go. Thus the portable PS3 laptop was born.

 Encased in a slick, glossy black case, the mod crams an entire PlayStation setup in a cool, slightly thick laptop with a 17-inch LCD screen running at 720p resolution fueled by a Blu-Ray drive retrofitted to a front loading slot. Functioning with a built-in full USB keyboard, the laptop PS3 mod weighs a staggering 16-pound which actually defeats the whole portability”purpose of this thing, but it might not be such a bad thing to have it permanently seated under your office desk so you can enjoy all the goodness of the real thing during lunch hour and coffee breaks. I think the concept speaks for the level of innovation put into this design.

Water conserving toilets are in great demand these days as gallons of water go waste each time you flush your toilet. With technology improving in leaps and bounds by the day, the ‘loo’ cannot be left behind. Give it to the Japanese to come up with the most sophisticated ‘loo’ technology.

The “Toto Nearest Ah” a is a tankless water saving hybrid that promises to make your inevitable every day chore Mm….let’s say a better experience. The toilet features include warm water washers and warm air dryers that are built in the heated seat and a spiral stream cleaner that cleans the toilet all by it self. While a typical toilet uses over 13 liters of water/flush, Totos hybrid toilet uses only 5.5 liters. So, all you need is an interesting book to plop on and let the Neorest AH take over. Water saving features make it eco-friendly butt sophistication sure doesn’t come cheap. You will have to flush out $4000 to have a warm butt. 

This is why I love to cook on the grill. I feel to innovate you have to really understand your target audience. The experience of grilling is not just about immersing  slabs of meat into a burning pit. It is about the marriage of the outdoors and culinary ingenuity.

GrandHall introduces their new vertical T-Grill that flaunts sleek lines and juicy specs. The T-Grill features Crossray technology which cooks faster and results in less smoke and virtually no flare-ups by using left and right infrared ceramic burners. The grill features two ceramic infrared burners into the 234 square inches of cooking space.  

This is a Mans grill and for the cool price of $1000 this mild investment will bring great joy to Spring and Summers to come. The overall design and product language screams outdoor fun. I cook and I BBQ so when it come to nice grills and cool cooking gadget I get excited. When I saw This design I definitely want one. I guess because it appeals to me so much is why I feel this design is innovative. Well isn’t design supposed to be appealing as well?…

Kitchen and Bath Design mega guru company once again continues to push the envelope of home Kitchen design.The Kohler Karbon Articulat Kohler ing Kitchen Faucet design just makes you want to swap your lacklustered and out dated faucet with this artistic one.

Giving you ultimate power to direct it wherever you want literally, the faucet is designed to hold any pose for you. The stainless steel faucet utilizes carbon fiber for extra strength and less weight, while staying within the bounds of the design. It also has two spray modes. You can be in complete command with this hands free faucet as it won’t come in your way when you don’t need it. No irritating intrusion and just in the right position where you need it precisely!


I do not condone violence or gun at all but this design is pretty cool.

The Russian designed AK-47 is largely considered one of the most well-known products of the 20th century for all the wrong reasons due to its participation in many worldly conflicts. As a tribute to the unexpected aesthetic value associated with the assault rifle, author Martin von Postler created a life-size 1:1 paper AK-47 model. The model kit features 5 sheets and an explanatory poster. I think this design is just fun. Yeah its a gun- yeah its mad out of paper. But this is just sweet. its an innovation in paper arts.

The Bugatti Veyron is considered one of the world’s fastest production cars with a 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 253mph. So what happens when you let one of the world’s top fashion house design this amazing car? The result – a Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG which not only blows your mind but also blows your wallet. On March 4th, this Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. This supercar features a classy maroon exterior and a matching interior. It also comes with a special edition Hermes branded 22 inch wheels and fuel-filler cap.

The overall design screams High Class Bad Ass!! The body work  and detailing have been hand crafted and designed with the up most precision. At a monstrous Wallet-crater causing Price tag of – 1.55 Euros. You better have your assets and investments inline to ride with the big boys at Bugatti!

Ok so when I think of the modern bike I think of Schwins, Huffys, Dyno, Bmx Bike etc. I would have never fathomed a bike that uses real shoes as the wheels to move.


Designer Max Knight blends cool contemporary sneaker fashion with the everday bicycle.Incorporating the utilitarian bicycle, the wheels have been replaced with special wheels outfitted with 8 pairs of separate sneakers. I think this unique design innovates by demonstrating way to think out the box abstractly.

Well I would have never thought that one day if there ever was a chemical or gas attack that there would still be a moment to look highly fashionable in a time of peril and distress.Without a doubt, the rich will still find it necessary to wear luxury items even during a gas attack.

These jewel encrusted, monogram basted pieces will assure the survival of the richest the day someone decides to push the button. I really think this design is very innvative for the artistic meanings placed behind it. Diddo Velma created these masks purely as an art project to highlight the underlying societal climate that demands consumption, and not an official collaboration of any sorts.

Designer Gas Masks is a conceptual art project. The masks are not real commercial products. They are designed to be displayed in magazines and exhibited art galleries. They are not for sale. I feel that this is a great example at how design can also make social-political messages as well.

Ok so initially I was very hyped about the launch of the sexy, very thin MacBook Air. But after it lunched I did a little research ino the product and realize that it is pointless.

Sure The sleek thin ergonomic 3 pound design is a huge innovation in the world of portable computer design. But the sacrifices made to create the ultra thin device, make it a headache to use in the long run.In order to make the MacBook Air small and light, Apple had to remove features once considered standard on all Apple laptop models. This model is the first in recent memory to have no built-in CD/DVD drive and no FireWire ports. Its internal storage is limited, and its connection to peripherals has been reduced, too. In order to take advantage of the Air’s light weight and small size, users must be willing to sacrifice some of the features that they previously took for granted.

I really think eliminating the CD/DVD drive and firewire port. makes this design too simplified. Now users are going to have to carry around an external CD drive, a USB expander dock, and a USB firewire adaptor as well, to compensate for the loss of these great features. Sure your laptop may be 3 pounds but by taking on all the extra cords and gadgets your laptop system could easily reach over the ten pound mark. I feel that to innovate you have to make sacrifices but at this point in time I feel that Apple looses the race for a product that creates more problems then solves them. 

This simple yet elegnt water bottle design is visually quenching. I really enjoy simple design. This sleek package design for FINE’ water definately makes me a little thirsty.


Fine Japon teamed up with industrial designer Karim Rashid. The combination of the two design forces were set on creating an inspired marriage of design, functionality and product. After two years of collaboration, they have finally launched their limited edition final bottle design. Evoking sensual pushbuttons with a sexually ambiguous phallic silhouette. 

I think the package design industry has so many opportunities for innovation. Sure this design is pretty simple. But the aesthetic nature of the vessel embraces the natural qualities of water.  I as well like the name of the water brand as well.

After designing alongside Philippe Starck for 3 years,  Jerome Olivet is now launching his own collection of leather goods starting with a City Bag and City Briefcase. Both bags welcome your iPod and mobile phone. Protected in a black glaze skin, it ergonomically merges with your body. 

These bags are beautifully designed, from the subtle cuts and elegant lines, to the very elegant satin sheen of the dark leather.

 I don’t know if these bags are  unisex. But if they are I wouldnt mind one for my blackberry. These pieces just look rather highend and sophisticated.

When I think of go carts I think of amusement parks and miniature nascar-like modes of transportation.  I guess it never crossed my mind that maybe go carts could go for a little redesigning. So transportation designer Florian Dobe took it into his own hands and came up with this really nice somewhat futuristic go cart concept.

The really interesting thing about  this design concept is, it has been created with two distinct “states” in mind, an open and a closed. In the open state it’s the 2 seater go-cart inspired sportscar, and in the closed state the seats fold seamlessly into the body to create a sculpture. This design is a nice innovation to me because it not only is a really cool looking design that looks fun to drive. But I really like the fact that this design is also a sculpture when not in use. There is just something very elegant and luxurious about its design.

Traditionally after a mother gives birth to a baby, she has the sometimes painful job of not only recovering but having to breast feed the baby as well. Nowadays there are many different brest pumps on the market like so.


But overall I feel this design for being so simple doesn’t do the best job in the comfort factor for women. The design looks rather bland and lacks personality. There is not one thing innovative about this product and the product language doesn’t look user friendly.


Then there is Miji Rhoe & Solbi Handheld Breast Pump.

Noty only does this thing look rather aesthetically appealing but the it is mutliadjustable and functional to accomidate women of many shapes and sizes. The nozzle pivots since nipples are in different places. What’s really interesting is there are the 3 suction settings. This product is innovative because it gives character to the somewhat strange mechanized world of manual breast milk removal. The design is cool and contemporary and the product language looks rather easy to read.

Ok I maybe strange but I really like it when women have tanlines. This fashion innovation definately caught my attention. 

This product is called SunTattoo and put those UV rays into good use. The soft stenciled patterns allows sun to hit only certain areas on your body. I think this would look nice on some exotic women. The design is simple and yet effective. Looking at the picture again I noticed that the tanline on the body vs. the ones that are on the model are completely different.

Reebok and world-renowned graphic designer John Maeda have collaborated to come up these limited edition sneakers. Only 100 pairs are made Holographic straps bring this design to life with every move, while the velvet-wrapped mid-sole and tongue-liner give a little elegance to the shoe.

Yeah these shoes might be pink but they rock the house. Definitely an innovation in fashion design.

In the words of Sir Issac Newton “What goes up must come down” The Khava Coffee Maker is a coffee brewer that lifts boiling water up into its ceiling and magically dispense hot coffee. The design is rather simple and I think thats a good think because making coffe should not be a life altering process.

How to use it:

1. Fill the double-coated glass container with water and put the desired amount of coffee into the upper brewing unit.

2. Bring the water to boil by using the induction powered table station or any other heating device.

3. Watch the hot water flowing upwards into the brewing unit due to the rising air-pressure. Listen to the bubbling noise and smell the aroma of coffee. Let it brew for a few minutes.

4. Switch of the heating device and watch the brewed coffee emerge in the glass container, quickly drawn back through a filter by a vacuum witch has been created by the cooling.

5. Open Kahva by turning the grip and pour some fully aromatic, mocha-style coffee directly into your cup. Enjoy!


I think sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. I think to innovate you have to really sit back and think a little. Using the basic laws of science. This concept caught my attention and I am interested in seeing it in work. Im really interested in simple minimalist designs. Just the nice contrast in materials and line quality make it a real nice countertop piece. 


When I think of drinking wine I think of Deep Merlots, Clean Chardonnay , and a crisp Riesling and Nice crystal wine glasses. Well this wine bottle concept aims to benifit the everday alcholic. This designer feels that wine should be enjoyed at anytime.

By incorporating folded paper cups into the bottle itself and also using these cups as the bottle labels. I think I will for sure stick to my wine glass. The concept is slightly innovative but I couldn’t see my self drinking wine from paper cups. It just doesn’t fit right with me.


Well what more can you really say about man man who has achived what I consider design Magnifigance.It seems Philippe Starck has made enough toothbrushes, toasters, watches, mopeds, chairs, trendy hotels, mediocre sushi restaurants and piles of money. So what is this shamelessly self promoting product designer doing now to get attention?In a recent interview with Germany’s Die Zeit Magazine, Mr. Starck proclaims the “death of design.” No longer satisfied with his life’s work and feeling that everything he ever designed was ” unnecessary”, the close to retiring designer wants to rain on everyone else’s design parade and create nothing but controversy. I guess when you become so good the onlything to do is go out unessisarily swinging at everyone and everything in the design world. By saying Design is dead is such a dumb statement. There are countless designers (amateur and professional) delivering and working on products that enhance life, bring joy and make this world a little easier to deal with for people in all walks of life.


I think design is far from dead. Just reading these quotes from him make me realize that design is Dead within Mr.Stark.

“I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact,”

“Everything I designed was unnecessary.”

“I will definitely give up in two years’ time. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself …design is a dreadful form of expression.”

“In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant,”

Starck said the only objects that he still felt attached to were “a pillow perhaps and a good mattress.” But the thing one needs most, he added, was the “ability to love”.

Well when you don’t love something or someone I guess everything you ever worked for is pointless right Mr.Stark?  Yeah right. Thanks for you’re design perspective. But you cannot kill design with out going through me and my minions of designers worldwide!!!!!!! Muahahahah (Sinister Laugh)


Oh and also if you still can’t find a medium of expression, try Sodoku. That game presents endless-endless solutions to take up your marvelous time. If that doesn’t work I suggest Taipei or MahJong. 

Rocking Chair Smocking Chair! Yeah I have seen so many rocking chair designs but this piece of furniture actually looks really fun to use. So what is so special about this chair called the CNC Rocking Chair? First off, its design almost begs to be rocked. Those two ellipticals look like they’d be a ton of fun.

It all comes together in a series of joints and notches so fundamentally, it’s adjustable. And for you greenies out there, it’s made of renewable materials. Sustainable design rocks! thats why this design get good rates from me. I would like to acquire one of these as well.


This concept is very intresting way to combine nature with human technology. Called “The Flower Filament”, it only lights up if there’s a flower in it. Yes designer Ha-Na Yeom some how managed to use the flower as a switch to lights up the hollowed out design which just so happens looks like a light bulb.

I like the design and find that its sculptural qualities aren’t necessary for a home more or less, but I could see this design in a resturant or in a commercial building of some sort. This is just a fun playful innovation to me.

Well I just don’t think this design does any thing for me. Ceramist and designer Ole Jensen wants you to forget that hard, immovable tub you currently have in your bathroom. Ole wants you to go soft and take your eau natural body, eau natural. Made of white EPDM rubber and cork, this soft tub was designed to be a simple option for outdoor fun, healing or washing up. Simply hook up the umbilical cord to your water source and the tub fills from the bottom up. When done, just unplug the hose. 

I know for a fact I would not want to bath outside… Well maybe with my girl friend. But this design looks too small to fit us both.


This concept has me debating if I Like it on Not. The phone is Sleek, slim, buttonless, has touchscreen color e-ink display, wireless charging, camera, and menu navigation via vertical and horizontal flicks.


Interactive projectors – straight from the phone. The phone projects interfaces on any surface and can detect finger gestures ala Minority Report. You can even snap a picture and overlay an interface – say for interactive graphic presentations, gaming the possibilities are endless.

It kinda just looks like a remote control come to think of it. Or even an warped I phone. The concept is supposed to be a phone for 2014. But i feel like phones by then are going to be so small and intergrated into other mediums that i feel that The concept works but the look takes away from it’s technological appeal. 

The “Hanger Chair” is a folding chair based on one of the ultimate storage systems: the modest hanger. It allows us to store clothes in an orderly fashion. Most houses or flats are equipped with a wardrobe to receive the object. By morphing the function of the hanger with that of the folding chair, a new hybrid is born: a Hanger Chair that has a function, even when not in use, to store our clothes in an orderly fashion.

Yeah this an interesting design, but honestly Im worried about my closet space. I wouldn’t want to hang my clothes on this device. Also this design limits me to the type of article of clothing that can be hung. I can’t hang up my jeans, t-shirts or sweaters on this. if I did I would stretch out the fabric.

Intresting Design not practical.

Architectural innovatore Jerome Olivet pushes the boundary of form line and it’s relationship to expand or horizon of what housing of the future could potentially resemble.

 This three story house has a James Bond meets the Jetsons feel to it. I love everything about this design. the form just captivates me. When first loking at it I didn’t know what it was but I liked it. I think design in general, is supposed to have that effect. This design is a great innovation in architectural design for the future. If I was wealthy I would have one made. My only issue with it being white is the annual power cleaning needed to keep it prestine.

From every angle this house takes on a new dimension and the line weight and formal elegance has a very lyrical quality to it.

Tu Fin is a new sport, operated with body strength boat. At 8 meters long, it offers place for a driver and one passenger. The driver is looking forward while driving the boat. The body movement activates almost all groups of muscles and ensures thereby holistic cycle-strengthening body training. With it Tu Fin connects the advantages of the fitness training with those of the Nordic Walking – a complete body Workout in free nature. The innovative fin drive is inspired from nature for and guarantees maximum acceleration without any noise. Entire Kraft from arms and legs transfers into the fin impact. Together with the flow optimized trunk achieves Tu Fin a maximum efficiency and speeds up to 6,6 knots.

I think this design is really innovative. Not only does the design benefit outdoor fitness enthusiasts, but it introduces a new sport. I feel that over time this design will generate a new lifestyle genre for those interested in the extreme outdoors. 

I think this design can benefit both men and women. I actually am curious to know how easy this machine is to steer and brake.

A cellphone with a touch-pad used to write. The idea is to create a phone without all the bells and whistles for people who just want a basic phone to make calls and send text messages. Using hand writing recognition software, the touch-pad translates your finger strokes into letters.

Other than being a concept already a reality with PDA phones,  this concept seems about 5+ years behind.

The design of the phone is rather simple, resembles a standard bar phone, and aesthetically not pleasing.


The Easy Tiles phone looks to be a standard S60 based cell except that auspicious exterior has be scratching my head. See, the entire shell is made of tiles – tiles you can customize and slide around for a one of a kind look. Replace and update them as often as you like.  This Product is not really innovative to me. What happens when I drop the phone? do i have to stop and pickup all these little pieces? I think the concept is fun but the out come looks cheap and more of a toy than anything.

Ding 3000 Studios Noodle is a device that is designed to measure spaghetti noodle portions. Noooodle allows you to measure off just the right amount of spaghetti from one to up to four people. The design can also be used to place hot cooking pots on so as not to burn your counter space when laid upon it.

I feel that this design is an interesting design. It embraces the aethetic qualities of a noodle and it is somewhat multi functional at the same time.