In the words of Sir Issac Newton “What goes up must come down” The Khava Coffee Maker is a coffee brewer that lifts boiling water up into its ceiling and magically dispense hot coffee. The design is rather simple and I think thats a good think because making coffe should not be a life altering process.

How to use it:

1. Fill the double-coated glass container with water and put the desired amount of coffee into the upper brewing unit.

2. Bring the water to boil by using the induction powered table station or any other heating device.

3. Watch the hot water flowing upwards into the brewing unit due to the rising air-pressure. Listen to the bubbling noise and smell the aroma of coffee. Let it brew for a few minutes.

4. Switch of the heating device and watch the brewed coffee emerge in the glass container, quickly drawn back through a filter by a vacuum witch has been created by the cooling.

5. Open Kahva by turning the grip and pour some fully aromatic, mocha-style coffee directly into your cup. Enjoy!


I think sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. I think to innovate you have to really sit back and think a little. Using the basic laws of science. This concept caught my attention and I am interested in seeing it in work. Im really interested in simple minimalist designs. Just the nice contrast in materials and line quality make it a real nice countertop piece.