Traditionally after a mother gives birth to a baby, she has the sometimes painful job of not only recovering but having to breast feed the baby as well. Nowadays there are many different brest pumps on the market like so.


But overall I feel this design for being so simple doesn’t do the best job in the comfort factor for women. The design looks rather bland and lacks personality. There is not one thing innovative about this product and the product language doesn’t look user friendly.


Then there is Miji Rhoe & Solbi Handheld Breast Pump.

Noty only does this thing look rather aesthetically appealing but the it is mutliadjustable and functional to accomidate women of many shapes and sizes. The nozzle pivots since nipples are in different places. What’s really interesting is there are the 3 suction settings. This product is innovative because it gives character to the somewhat strange mechanized world of manual breast milk removal. The design is cool and contemporary and the product language looks rather easy to read.