Well what more can you really say about man man who has achived what I consider design Magnifigance.It seems Philippe Starck has made enough toothbrushes, toasters, watches, mopeds, chairs, trendy hotels, mediocre sushi restaurants and piles of money. So what is this shamelessly self promoting product designer doing now to get attention?In a recent interview with Germany’s Die Zeit Magazine, Mr. Starck proclaims the “death of design.” No longer satisfied with his life’s work and feeling that everything he ever designed was ” unnecessary”, the close to retiring designer wants to rain on everyone else’s design parade and create nothing but controversy. I guess when you become so good the onlything to do is go out unessisarily swinging at everyone and everything in the design world. By saying Design is dead is such a dumb statement. There are countless designers (amateur and professional) delivering and working on products that enhance life, bring joy and make this world a little easier to deal with for people in all walks of life.


I think design is far from dead. Just reading these quotes from him make me realize that design is Dead within Mr.Stark.

“I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact,”

“Everything I designed was unnecessary.”

“I will definitely give up in two years’ time. I want to do something else, but I don’t know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself …design is a dreadful form of expression.”

“In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant,”

Starck said the only objects that he still felt attached to were “a pillow perhaps and a good mattress.” But the thing one needs most, he added, was the “ability to love”.

Well when you don’t love something or someone I guess everything you ever worked for is pointless right Mr.Stark?  Yeah right. Thanks for you’re design perspective. But you cannot kill design with out going through me and my minions of designers worldwide!!!!!!! Muahahahah (Sinister Laugh)


Oh and also if you still can’t find a medium of expression, try Sodoku. That game presents endless-endless solutions to take up your marvelous time. If that doesn’t work I suggest Taipei or MahJong.