When I think of go carts I think of amusement parks and miniature nascar-like modes of transportation.  I guess it never crossed my mind that maybe go carts could go for a little redesigning. So transportation designer Florian Dobe took it into his own hands and came up with this really nice somewhat futuristic go cart concept.

The really interesting thing about  this design concept is, it has been created with two distinct “states” in mind, an open and a closed. In the open state it’s the 2 seater go-cart inspired sportscar, and in the closed state the seats fold seamlessly into the body to create a sculpture. This design is a nice innovation to me because it not only is a really cool looking design that looks fun to drive. But I really like the fact that this design is also a sculpture when not in use. There is just something very elegant and luxurious about its design.