Ok so initially I was very hyped about the launch of the sexy, very thin MacBook Air. But after it lunched I did a little research ino the product and realize that it is pointless.

Sure The sleek thin ergonomic 3 pound design is a huge innovation in the world of portable computer design. But the sacrifices made to create the ultra thin device, make it a headache to use in the long run.In order to make the MacBook Air small and light, Apple had to remove features once considered standard on all Apple laptop models. This model is the first in recent memory to have no built-in CD/DVD drive and no FireWire ports. Its internal storage is limited, and its connection to peripherals has been reduced, too. In order to take advantage of the Air’s light weight and small size, users must be willing to sacrifice some of the features that they previously took for granted.

I really think eliminating the CD/DVD drive and firewire port. makes this design too simplified. Now users are going to have to carry around an external CD drive, a USB expander dock, and a USB firewire adaptor as well, to compensate for the loss of these great features. Sure your laptop may be 3 pounds but by taking on all the extra cords and gadgets your laptop system could easily reach over the ten pound mark. I feel that to innovate you have to make sacrifices but at this point in time I feel that Apple looses the race for a product that creates more problems then solves them.