Well I would have never thought that one day if there ever was a chemical or gas attack that there would still be a moment to look highly fashionable in a time of peril and distress.Without a doubt, the rich will still find it necessary to wear luxury items even during a gas attack.

These jewel encrusted, monogram basted pieces will assure the survival of the richest the day someone decides to push the button. I really think this design is very innvative for the artistic meanings placed behind it. Diddo Velma created these masks purely as an art project to highlight the underlying societal climate that demands consumption, and not an official collaboration of any sorts.

Designer Gas Masks is a conceptual art project. The masks are not real commercial products. They are designed to be displayed in magazines and exhibited art galleries. They are not for sale. I feel that this is a great example at how design can also make social-political messages as well.