The data projector is becoming an increasingly popular part of mobile computing as it is versatile to use it anywhere….on the road in the office, or at home. For being as powerful as it is, an array of data projectors are up in the market. But James Higgins has managed to invent the Ergo Design Data Projector that not only is aesthetic designed but also seems to the absolutely user-friendly. Its tapered form features in the center to enable easy adjustment while projection. The functions buttons of zoom and focus lie close to the lens for effortless handling. A tilt control scroll wheel winds up or down as per your need. Another control panel of buttons also exists on the other side of the lens. The handles are discreetly tucked inwards on the sides thus making it less hassle some to carry around. Absolutely uncomplicated and light weighted, this Data Projector takes the cake away from the rest. In simple words, you wouldn’t need a catalogue to understand this ingeniously designed gadget.