Forget Your Nintendo Ds or Your PSP. This concept may seem like its going back in time form the normal portable gaming systems. But the concept rivals and portable gaming device out now.

At first glance I just see a thick laptop. But as i did a lil deeper I a little light starts to shine on me. I guess when you are a PS3 addict and mod-specialist like Ben Heck who was sick of being fired form every job he ever landed because most mornings he couldn’t find it in him to tear himself away from his fav PS titles and go earn his daily bread. So he decided it was a worthwhile idea to make something that will enable him to enjoy all his fav Playstation titles on the go. Thus the portable PS3 laptop was born.

 Encased in a slick, glossy black case, the mod crams an entire PlayStation setup in a cool, slightly thick laptop with a 17-inch LCD screen running at 720p resolution fueled by a Blu-Ray drive retrofitted to a front loading slot. Functioning with a built-in full USB keyboard, the laptop PS3 mod weighs a staggering 16-pound which actually defeats the whole portability”purpose of this thing, but it might not be such a bad thing to have it permanently seated under your office desk so you can enjoy all the goodness of the real thing during lunch hour and coffee breaks. I think the concept speaks for the level of innovation put into this design.