Water conserving toilets are in great demand these days as gallons of water go waste each time you flush your toilet. With technology improving in leaps and bounds by the day, the ‘loo’ cannot be left behind. Give it to the Japanese to come up with the most sophisticated ‘loo’ technology.

The “Toto Nearest Ah” a is a tankless water saving hybrid that promises to make your inevitable every day chore Mm….let’s say a better experience. The toilet features include warm water washers and warm air dryers that are built in the heated seat and a spiral stream cleaner that cleans the toilet all by it self. While a typical toilet uses over 13 liters of water/flush, Totos hybrid toilet uses only 5.5 liters. So, all you need is an interesting book to plop on and let the Neorest AH take over. Water saving features make it eco-friendly butt sophistication sure doesn’t come cheap. You will have to flush out $4000 to have a warm butt.