This is why I love to cook on the grill. I feel to innovate you have to really understand your target audience. The experience of grilling is not just about immersing  slabs of meat into a burning pit. It is about the marriage of the outdoors and culinary ingenuity.

GrandHall introduces their new vertical T-Grill that flaunts sleek lines and juicy specs. The T-Grill features Crossray technology which cooks faster and results in less smoke and virtually no flare-ups by using left and right infrared ceramic burners. The grill features two ceramic infrared burners into the 234 square inches of cooking space.  

This is a Mans grill and for the cool price of $1000 this mild investment will bring great joy to Spring and Summers to come. The overall design and product language screams outdoor fun. I cook and I BBQ so when it come to nice grills and cool cooking gadget I get excited. When I saw This design I definitely want one. I guess because it appeals to me so much is why I feel this design is innovative. Well isn’t design supposed to be appealing as well?…