The Bugatti Veyron is considered one of the world’s fastest production cars with a 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 253mph. So what happens when you let one of the world’s top fashion house design this amazing car? The result – a Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG which not only blows your mind but also blows your wallet. On March 4th, this Hermes x Bugatti Veyron FBG was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. This supercar features a classy maroon exterior and a matching interior. It also comes with a special edition Hermes branded 22 inch wheels and fuel-filler cap.

The overall design screams High Class Bad Ass!! The body work  and detailing have been hand crafted and designed with the up most precision. At a monstrous Wallet-crater causing Price tag of – 1.55 Euros. You better have your assets and investments inline to ride with the big boys at Bugatti!