When I think of a personal assistant I think of a cute-sharp and witty 28 year old Woman with a great ability to multitask and keep me up to date. Well Gents’ the day may have come for you to upgrade…? This little device is both sexy, sleek, and can do it all.

 Tame is a concept device, cube like in nature, that syncs with all your other devices and applications. You store different status messages on each face of the cube and just by rotating it, activate that status. Now your phone, voicemail, Facebook, Myspace, twitter, etc. all reflect the same status message. There’s even a web application that reports the status of everyone equipped with a Tame cube. The color coded system correlates with the color you set on your Tame cube so people know your availability at a glance. 

As technology constantly improves I feel the this device give another reason why wireless technology is so sweet. Smart devices are just popping up everywhere. I thnk this device innovates because it gives you another reason to stay organized and still make social statements as well. And it’s ust kinda fly to pull a sleek black cube out of a nice Goyard Briefcase. I loove it!