Has the time come for the world to see a new face to recycling?…. Im just not that convinced yet.

 If your looking for a pristine recycling system heres your savior… named the “Barcode Trashcan”… The goal is to be more green right? 


So there’s one bin for each type of recyclable material. Just swipe the item in question over the top and the bin will open up.There are just so many problems with this idea, I don’t know where to start.

I mean, kudos for trying to make recycling easier [so more people do it –> better for planet], but…

Lots of recyclable things don’t have barcodes. Newspapers do, but those “adpapers” that come in the mail don’t. Suppose the labels come off of my plastic containers, how would I scan them? I can recycle envelopes from the mail, but they aren’t barcoded.

Which brings up the next issue. Different places have different rules about what can and can’t be recycled. How is that going to be controlled? Will there be localized firmware updates? Do I program it myself?

All this seems like so much more work than just, you know, looking at the item and comparing it to the list in my head of “things I can recycle”.

Oh and lastly who is going to want to clean this white bin once it gets dirty ? I know I won’t…